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My approach to coaching & healing is deeply holistic. It's a combination of embodiment coaching, trauma informed somatic & subconscious practices, energy work & source code quantum healing . This blend of skills allows me to fully hold & welcome all of YOU, as you emerge from unsupportive beliefs & holding patterns into the Fully Expressed Creatrix of your own Reality.

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Explore individual sessions with Erin from Energy healing & Somatic Breathwork ceremonies to Sensual somatic movement journeys. Each session is designed with your highest intentions at the center.

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From Masked to Soul Naked; Erin has developed 2 personalized private coaching containers to support you in aligning with the core of who you are, what you want and how you will walk through the world. 

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Erin hosts Women's Retreats annually. She is also available to facilitate at your next retreat! Click below to join us on one of our 2024 Embodied Woman Retreats or to see how Erin can support your event.

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"I told Erin what was happening in my world. All the ways I felt suffocated and overwhelmed. What I had been feeling was so intense I couldn't be with it in my body. I would go straight back to my thoughts every time I tried. With Erin's guidance I was able to be in the really hard feelings. The safety & firmness created in our space was exactly what I needed. I screamed like I never had before, I cried and screamed again. Before I knew it (many screams, tears and some sweat later) there was a major shift. I took a deep breath, one I'd not felt in, seemingly, my entire life. Then I began to laugh. Where once there was a ravaging wild fire taking over my inner landscape there was now peace. It's hard to articulate the feeling of openness I'm experiencing on the other side of this. I'm so grateful to Erin for the beautiful space she curates and for her intuitive guidance in all the right moments as I moved through these really intense feelings.''

Kelli B. 

"I had an incredibly amazing experience yesterday. I opened myself up to being fully present in joy and pleasure. I was vocal and animalistic in a way I haven't been before. I was growling and it was met with amazing energy. I know that working on the parts of me that have been stuck& unprocessed has brought me here. So incredible to see and feel and truly be me. Thank you for this space."

Kristen S.

"It’s so ironic. I came Into our work to help my business grow and, of course, it has. But the biggest thing it changed for me - is how I see myself, how I show up in my relationship, how I want to feel & how I want someone to show up for me. The confidence I have to speak my truth about that, is something I’ve never been able to do before. Possibly because I had not felt worthy, but I feel worthy, I am worthy and that’s been such a huge shift for me”

Crystal R

" I have to tell you, that dress I wore, or rather HOWI wore that dress, to our mastermind dinner- I have fantasized about that woman. And I felt so at home in that dress. I’ve had that for TWO years and that’s the first time I wore it”