Soul Naked; 

To be uninhibited in her expression, in love with herself and embodied in a life that turns her on.

Embodied Sensuality. Liberation. Expression.

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 Feminine Embodiment Coaching, Breathwork, Sensual Somatic Movement Healing & Women's Retreats.


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Hi Beautiful Womban!

I'm Erin.

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The awakening of the Divine Feminine will heal the world.


Soul Naked was created because I profoundly fucking care that women reclaim their sovereignty. 

We are here for the feminine in all of her unbound expression. In her self love as a revolutionary act of rebellion.

In her sacred rage, grief and pain as an integral part of her wholeness. 

For the feminine to dance with her shadows as she alchemizes them into her ability to experience more pleasure.

For the feminine to drip her divinity and soften into her receptive nature. 

To create a reality where women know and unbashadely listen to their own turn on. Where the dominant vibration we return to is unconditional welcoming of our wholeness. 

Where we trust the power of our own self healing & where our children are thriving off a new world. 

The Body Is a Temple for liberation- our energy & emotions medicine for profound alchemy & embodiment.

Here is where feminine leadership is heart centered and pleasure guided.

I Love that you are here with me. 

Xx Erin Nicole

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Allow these womben to show you what is possible.

"Erin has been such a guiding light through all of my transformations and the peeling back of each layer. I am constantly surprised at each new level of freedom, love, self, courageousness and openness I reach through our work together.

In my experience, the most incredible thing about working with Erin is her ability to hold space for me as the person I am today AND as my higher self. It truly is the most incredible feeling and what makes it so wonderful and  *easy* (even though the work isn't always easy!) to move through all the deep inner healing with her". 

Crystal Ryan 

One of our sessions was a womb healing for me. I literally felt like I went through a birthing process. The session was like a ceremony. It cracked open my womb. It let me feel the pain, the hurt and the trauma and also the beauty of creation and birth from my body. It changed everything for me. It literally freed my womb. My creation. After that everything was more powerful, more potent, more free, more sovereign."

Jayme Long


"I had done so much mental work before I started working with Erin. I had found some stability. But I was still desiring to FEEL more. Intentional, good, wonderful feelings. After years of wounding and numbing I couldn't quite figure out how to access 'higher frequency' emotions. I could allow and feel the negative emotions and mindfully process them. Erin's work peeled back the inner layers I didn't know existed.

She helped me discover what it felt like to EXPERIENCE beautiful sensations like excitement, pleasure and deep self appreciation. Her work has also brought up and healed so much physioemotional trauma that I didn't even know I could heal. If you are willing, there is healing for you. I am constantly surprised at the new levels of connection, love, freedom and sensuality I find in myself when I have sessions with Erin. 


"Erin is a master coach and breathwork Goddess. I met her at a pivotal time in my life and she has helped me transform into the woman I am now,

Her online classes and in person circles have been life change for me. As a Collective we are moving through an ascension process and releasing trauma is of the utmost importance. I've experience that breathwork is a powerful way to transmute personal and ancestral patterns and cycles. I feel safe and cared for during my sessions with Erin. Not only that, but she has connected me to a community of incredible women. I am forever grateful!"



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My Gift To You; Experience the healing power of self love, self expression and pleasure.