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Meet Erin 


I believe our wildest purpose here is to Open to Love & Live our Liberation. All of our relationships & experiences are a mirror reflection of our internal world & how we see ourselves. To dissolve the resistance and armoring of our own heart is to receive self fully and experience the richness of life.  Radical self love is a revolutionary act of rebellion that will begin to set us all free. "As within so without".


Liberation is the call of reclamation- I believe there is deep, juicy magical goodness in the dark. In welcoming all the parts of us- the messy, raw, fearful & wild parts. The expansive, sensual, intuitive and shiny parts. To honor our seasons & cycles AND reintegrate the wisdom of the body, as we stand firmly in our fullest expression. This is pleasure and peace, my loves. 


 I believe healing the divine feminine will heal the world. The way we lead ourselves HOME in deep self intimacy, answering the call to restore the sacred feminine principles of soft, bold, tender and tenacious; is how we create a ripple affect of awakening- for our children, for our relationships, for those we serve & everyone we touch.  We go deep, so we can rise high together.

I'm Erin


Hi, so glad you're here love! I’m Erin Nicole. What really turns me on is—having deep intimate conversations with people who have dreams, visions & creations just dripping from their pores, laughing so hard my belly hurts , laying outside naked and sunning my yoni, eating with my fingers AND  creating beautiful spaces for women to come undone, turn back on and come alive.

I find incredible pleasure in feeling all my feelings, in dancing, anddd I love anytime I can be held by water ūüí¶

I believe there is something so sexy about a woman who has looked her shadows in the face and allowed them to soften heart and awaken her purpose & power. I think a regulated nervous system is the ultimate flex. 

Oh and I'm always learning from the beautiful (not so) little humans that call me mama. And playing around in the yummy relationship I continue to cultivate with my husband. And our two dogs, in beautiful sunny Phoenix AZ.


My Approach

 My deepest prayer is that you come to know your body as a tool for liberation.  I use a blend of transformational embodiment coaching, breathwork, sensual somatic movement and my training in hypnotherapy to help my clients live lives of permission, pleasure, purpose and prosperity- whatever that looks like for them. 


When my clients complete our work together they are experiencing more self intimacy, more pleasure in all areas and unapologetic following of their desires, expansion in their purpose, richer relationships with their partner & friendships, profound levels of trust and safety  in themselves, and freedom in how they receive, give and walk through life in their unique radiance. 


Work With Me

So, What is Embodiment Coaching? 


Embodiment is the representation or expression of something in tangible form. Basically... when what you believe, what you say, who you be and what you do are congruent- you become the
"living, breathing, embodiment" of a certain quality.  

Embodiment Coaching is a sensation based method of coaching that works with the wisdom of the body. Together we unwind and dissolve tension, suppressed emotions, stored trauma and stagnant energy, AND amplify the bodies ability to experience pleasure, safety and liberation. This creates a reservoir of SELF to source from, as you experience life from your own Turn On and Aliveness.


Let Others Inspire You.

"I feel so proud of the depths I have allowed myself to go to. That I allowed and learned to move through my own primordial traumas, to be deeply vulnerable and deeply present. I am grateful for the new levels of expansion, power, potency I now feel. I have found a feeling of physical and spiritual sovereignty I didn't know I didn't have. I can truly hold myself in reverence now. I am so grateful."


"I had a huge breakthrough during this last session. I felt this piece of shame that was sitting under the inside of my right rib was moved and release. Tied to actions I participated in due to thinking I was fulfilling a role. It was such a deeply stuck shame. I felt it processing. Today I woke up feeling lighter, more free, more myself. Thank you. You truly bless my life so much. The space you create is so safe, I feel so held. I am so grateful"


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My Gift To You; Experience the healing power of self love, self expression and pleasure. 

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