Meet Erin

Get to know me better

I'm Erin Nicole- the creator of the Soul Naked movement and the Embodied Womban Retreats. Wife. Mama. Healer. Leader.

I'm a Feminine Embodiment & intuitive transformation coach based in Phoenix, Arizona. Originally from Western New York, I started my entrepreneurial journey in the beauty industry where I used my obsession with spirituality, women's empowerment and personal growth work to enrich the lives of each of my clients.  


I'm a trauma informed breathwork facilitator, a certified hypnotherapist, EFT master practitioner and Goddess Yoga instructor who has been studying & integrating personal transformation, metaphysics, manifestation and energy work for years. My ultimate passion is to work with womben leaders, to guide you back into your bodies where you inhabit the divine wisdom to heal and the potential to Embody your highest expression. Activating the christ consciousness, the Goddess, within each woman who dives into this work! I hold sacred spaces that will call you deeper within to meet yourself fully- we work with reverence for both the shadow & the light. 


I love working intimately with women one on one AND bringing women together in group experiences for ritual, ceremony, connection and embodied transformation. 


I love yoga(hot vinyasa, goddess, yin name it), sensual movement, dance, cycling and anything that allows me to be barefoot and in nature. My sacral is lit up anytime I'm traveling, near the ocean, having an orgasmic food experience or witnessing a beautiful soul transform herself & her entire life.


I am a total book nerd, who is obsessed with spirituality, the quantum, anything feminine rising or pussy power related!  I'm also a mama to three, a wife, a dog mom (to a pittie and a small rat) and a pretty fucking epic human being that is divinely dedicated to helping women transform their lives.


When we dive into our internal world and do this deep healing work, it creates space for ease, flow, the embodiment of our purpose and the knowing of our pleasure. It is our birthright to live in congruence with our deepest desires.  And,  it is also about so much more- the ripple affect that is created when we heal and embody Truth, breaks generation paradigms and transforms the world for future generations!  You are the chain breaker, baby and I'm so happy you are here! 


If you're fully ready to embody this womban within- I am here for it!