Elemental Alchemy The Retreat

December 1-4th 2023 Anna Maria Island Florida


Reconnect with yourself & your Feminine Wisdom as we journey through the elements during our women's retreat in beautiful Anna Maria Island, Fl.  The elements serve as our natural guides to wellness and authentic embodiment. Through nature, community, sensual somatics, breathwork and connection to our feminine energy we will slow into Truth, Rest into our fullest Bloom and be seen in our radiance & expression. All of you is welcome here. Explore below & let's connect to see if we are meant to embark on this retreat experience together. 

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Immerse yourself in a beautiful community of like minded women. Women who truly want to see you shine and will clearly mirror to you, your humanness and your pure, radiant spirit.  When one woman shares vulnerably, it will initiate you into your emotional well. When you witness another woman in her bigness, you will hold yourself taller. Here you will experience safe sisterhood, deep nourishing love and authentic connection. We laugh, we cry, we play, we rest, we tell stories, we express and we learn to receive the yumminess of Life. Together we THRIVE. 


Liberation, feeling a deep sense of freedom....happens IN the body. When we, as women, feel SAFE in & connected to our bodies we SLOW, we TRUST, we stand in our POWER and we EXPRESS ourselves freely & authentically. We deeply believe this is medicine that will heal you & the world! Through Breath, Movement, Sound & Energy work we are exploring what it means to be present, connected to & thriving within our bodies as women. This is deeply nourishing and wildly playful at the same time. Let's get Soul Naked.


Through our entire retreat experience we are working with the 4 elements of Mother Nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) as our teachers and guides. We aim to find a harmony within- deep roots and a sense of grounded safety (I belong Here), emotional intelligence, flow & an honoring of our feminine expression (I Feel, I Trust), Our passion, and the transformational power of stoking our internal flame (I Will, I Am) and a supportive/expanded connection to Divine/Consciousness (the Higher Self). Let's explore the direct connection between Nature & the Self. 

Sisterhood, Community & Sacred Feminine Energy  



The Juicy Details

This is 3 NIGHTS and 4 DAYS in Anna Maria Island Florida. The Location has stunning views, beautiful nature all around and is so deliriously spacious. Once you arrive at the retreat house, everything is all inclusive of meals, snacks, activities, sessions & classes, as well as ceremonial photography and a beautiful gift bag full of intentional items from other mindful business owners who we VAULE the F out of ;).  

Workshops and classes include Goddess Yoga, Feminine Alchemy Breathwork, Nature Bathing & grounding rituals, Water Ceremony, Goddess water Photography for each woman, Fire Ritual, Movement is Medicine workshop, Sound bath & Reiki, Goddess dinner on the beach and spacious integration time...

If you're someone who wants to read more in depth about what is included and how we arrange our days on retreat, grab the PDF below.

Tell Me More, Erin.

Meet your retreat hosts


Hi My Queens...I'm Erin

¬†Creator of Elemental Alchemy The Retreat...I'm so glad you're here. Instead of the typical here is what I do blah blah...let me start here...What really turns me on is‚ÄĒhaving deep intimate conversations with people who have dreams, visions & creations just dripping from their pores, laughing so hard my belly hurts , laying outside naked and sunning my yoni, eating with my fingers AND creating¬†deep transformational spaces for women to come undone, turn back on and come alive.

I find incredible pleasure in feeling all my feelings, in dancing, anddd I love anytime I can be held by water (Hence water Goddess vibes on this retreat) ūüí¶

I believe there is something so sexy about a woman who has looked her shadows in the face and allowed them to soften heart and awaken her purpose & power. The most fulfilling thing in the world for me, is when I experience a woman coming into her fullest Bloom in my presence....slowly, mindfully and in Her Bodies Divine Time. I think a regulated nervous system is the ultimate flex. 

I believe you just feel it in your bones when a space or a person is FOR YOU. So maybe you felt that here, if you did- I am so happy to have you.

I am, also, a trauma informed Embodiment Coach, a Source Code Practitioner, a Breathwork facilitator, Goddess Yoga instructor, Reiki Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist.I have spent years IN spaces of study and honoring of the tools I use, as well as many years holding hundreds of women through profound transformations.  I've been hosting women's retreats for the last 4 years & have watched women continue to unbecome that was never them to begin with and find the most revolutionary connection to themselves right before my eyes.  I am a student of Life, always immersed in my own journey of Becoming and Getting SOUL NAKED.

My Intention for This Retreat Experience is that you come to REST, RECEIVE, BE NOURISHED. To Connect to nature & deepen into RELATIONSHIP with YOUR SELF. and to STAND in YOUR FULLEST EXPRESSION as the RADIANT being of LIGHT that you are. I have blended nature and luxury for the ultimate retreat immersion. May you come on retreat & REMEMBER how GOOD it FEELS to BE a WOMAN. 



Classes, Somatic Workshops & Ceremonial Gathering

Connect to your Body & Reclaim your Feminine Wisdom 




"I always come to Erin's events thinking I'm going to get something & then being gifted exactly what I need...! And gaining the confidence to step forward and be able to say [This is who I am]. I'm so grateful AND excited to go home and integrate this into my life......" - Angie

I'm Ready to Retreat!

Meet Crystal, 

Your retreat co-host & ceremonial photographer

Crystal is a traveling photographer who specializes in capturing & celebrating women's inherent beauty, power and strength. She believes that every woman possesses a unique essence that deserves to be immortalized through the art of photography. The photos that she captures of you on retreat will serve as a CLEAR mirror into your fullest embodiment (and an anchor of the feminine energy you're reclaiming). 



Meet Kiki, 

Retreat Nourisher (Chef)

Kiki is former physicians assistant, who specialized in women's hormone health, turned Quantum Healer & Energetic Health Guide. She is going to be the Goddess behind the nourishment provided to you on retreat. She is passionate about teaching women how to heal through the metaphysical (aka listening to your body and getting to the root of what she is communicating--so in line with our retreat). Get ready to be experience food as nourishment and eating together as everyday ceremony.

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And The Accommodations

Shared King master bedrooms, all with ensuite luxury bathrooms. Open, spacious gathering areas (indoor & outdoor) and a 3 minutes walk to the beautiful beaches. 

Close to nature trails (And....we half golf carts, but of course)




"Way more than I thought I would receive. I received myself back which is such a beautiful gift......I'm just eternally grateful and don't have enough words to express my gratitude. I'm so rooted in ME" - Karie

I'm Ready to Retreat!

Retreat Full Energy Exchange


All Inclusive Retreat. This is the equal energy exchange for your retreat experience December 1-4th 2023.

We speak to each attendee before securing your spot, to ensure the retreat is a good fit. Please submit the form below!


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Payment Option Energy Exchange

$1297 X 2

All inclusive Reteat. This is the equal energy exchange payment plan option for your retreat December 1-4th 2023. 


Payment one is paid on the day you secure your spot, while payment 2 is automatically billed 30 days later.

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NEW 2 day Retreat Option


The Gifted Goddess

  • 2 Day Mini retreat & luxury Water Goddess Photoshoot¬†
  • December 2nd & 3rd 2023
  • Receive all retreat activities on Saturday &Sunday including movement is medicine workshop, Goddess Yoga, Own your Queendom workshop & more
  • Luxe picnic beach dinner w/ your sisters
  • Personal water goddess photo shoot & with Crystal Marie¬†
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