The Sacred Rebel Retreat 


The Awakening of the Divine Feminine will heal the world. 


Welcome to a sacred space of wild homecoming




Tulum Mexico February 7-13th 2022


A Self Intimacy & Feminine Embodiment Retreat. Are you ready for Sacred Sisterhood & profound levels of Liberation?

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A divinely curated space...

This is a sacred container interwoven with the energy of the divine feminine, the wisdom keeper, the universal mother and the unapologetic as f*ck- willing to walk through the fire- sacred rebel.


If you're ready to lead from a deeply embodied, revolutionary place of LOVE, PLEASURE, WHOLENESS and SOVEREIGNTY.  If you heed the call for SELF INTIMACY and Divine Feminine Reclamation of a new order....

You've come to the right retreat.

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When you journey on retreat with us, you will enter a collective of women here to reclaim the sacred. The sensual. We are stewarding a new collective frequency across timelines, generations, locations, and creating a true ripple affect of awakening in the world. Are you with us?


Who this is for

  • The womban that knows she is put here to birth a new world.
  • You've been doing the personal development & mindset thang, now you're ready to commune with the BODY
  • Craving to drip your dreams & lead a rich life of Permission, Pleasure, Purpose & Receptivity
  • Being called to lean more into the feminine?
  • Ready for a revolutionary relationship with your body & your self expression
  • Travel & nature reset?
  • Would love to eat with your hands, lay outside & sun your yoni and build intimate relationships with womben who have dreams, visions and creations just dripping from their pores.
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All The Juicy Details

  • 6 Nights All Inclusive Beach House in Mexico
  • Private chef to cook all meals 
  • Self Intimacy workshops guided by Erin & Nina
  • Recalibrate with a group sound bath experience 
  • Guided Breathwork Journeys with Erin
  • Daily Goddess Yoga for the ultimate sacred & sensual healing movement classes
  • Creative Alchemy Playshop led by Nina
  • Fire Ceremony & Quantum Manifestation rituals
  • Group excursion included (such as cenote tour or Mayan ruins)
  • Body Sovereignty workshop including body painting experience led by Erin
  • Jungle Boudoir Photo Shoot for each woman
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Hi Goddess, I'm the creator of The Sacred Rebel Retreat. The retreat's sacred space holder, your soul sister and feminine medicine guide. 

As we create this New Earth we are being summoned forth to allow ourselves to be held and supported in community.  I am here to help you descend into the mysterious depths of your wholeness, so you may free your mind, body & spirit to be the vessels for your divine wisdom & authentic expression.

My favorite part about retreats is that women come in as one version of themselves and you return home forever more of yourself.

My unique "medicine" as a space holder & coach is creating safe, nourishing, soft spaces for you to land, while simultaneously seeing you in your highest and best and holding up a fiery mirror of reflection.


I can not wait to meet you there xx

Meet Nina

Transformation Guide, Death Midwife, Movement & Breathwork Facilitator. Here to support, & awaken you into transformation on retreat.

My innate nature is to walk the road less traveled. Deep shadow work ignited the eternal flame within me, illuminating the path for every soul that I encounter.


I'm here to serve as a catalyst for the Collective, lighting the torch for those that have dedicated their lives to living in their Highest expression. Together, we rise!


What our retreat clients are saying...

Molly Odell

Reiki Master & Holistic Coach

I've done so much healing work & been on several retreats. And what I loved most about this retreat with Erin was how focused it was on pleasure, permission & playfulness. We had a really transformational healing experience together. Even the food was exciting. I know you will have an amazing, energy activating, healing experience if you attend. Say yes and take the leap!

 Veladya Chapman

Founder of Earth Mama Medicine

"The community & connection here is like no other. I really felt a shift within me that brought so much hidden wisdom up to the surface. Retreats like this are so necessary for our evolution and help us align with our highest self."


Ria Gonzalez

Founder of Brown Girl Connect & Spiritual Life Coach

"I didn't just have a good time, I had an out of body experience. I've been to many retreats but this experience with Nina opened me up in ways I couldn't even imagine. I feel like a completely new woman and have stepped fully into my power as a result of it."


Jayme Long

Life Coach & Founder of SoulSavage

The retreat truly helped me ground into my purpose &  embodied beliefs.  I realized I didn't have to search for more of  a plan or goal. My purpose is to explore and LIVE. To lead myself and my children into wild & beautiful places. And to give permission to other women to live their own Wild Life.


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